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I use eclipse (cdt) for c++ projects. It contains some test scripts in python. Is there anyway I could get syntax highlighting and auto completion(if possible) when viewing a python script? Or should I load the complete python perspective?

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You can just open your python file in the C/C++ perspective and get full syntax highlighting and auto completion.

If that does not work for you, then perhaps you don't have PyDev installed. Find it and install it using Help > Eclipse Marketplace.

If that still does not work for you (if you double-click it the file is opened as plain text, or gets executed in a command shell) then perhaps somehow the wrong editor got associated to it. Right click the file, then select Open With > Python Editor. You'll need to do this once: Eclipse will remember your choice.

Note: You can open any file in any perspective, and the corresponding editor will always open for you. A perspective is just a grouping of views that should be helpful for you in the given context. It does not enable or disable any additionally installed software.